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I am being given labels which I don’t want to use

It’s important to me because as a female I feel as if I’m being erased. I am being given labels which I don’t want to use (such as cis), my identity as I know it is being forced to become something else.

I now have to tell people my pronouns, I am female, you can see it. I don’t need to tell it to you. I’m not invisible. I am also an Asian person, I can’t change the way I look and neither can I change the way that I look female. (This is not to say that a person cannot change to being trans) – but being female is an innate quality of me. Don’t take it away from me by making me use other descriptors.

I’ve talked about it to colleagues. I’m too scared to do it publicly. There will be a backlash. I see how other people are treated for talking up. By talking up it suggests that you’re transphobic (I can’t say whether I am or not because I grew up in a system and a community where LGBT was not accepted. I’ve tried to be inclusive and be aware of my innate bias)

I’m cautious. If I speak up, I probably would be shunned from my networks and disciplined within my workplace.

Eggy, A person who believes in women’s rights