We must remember our hippocratic oath – first, do no harm

I have looked after a trans patient who I met through the injuries they got when they tried to commit suicide.

I then knew a neighbour’s kid who became trans and requested to be known as a different name. This kid’s parent is employed as a parenting expert running Council courses on parenting and I was intrigued and worried as to how miserable they seemed despite a v supportive family.

My sister is lesbian and on the more butch end of the spectrum when she goes to parties though not in day to day life. I realised she would have had pressure to trans if she was living her childhood now and I feel protective to both my patient (who had life changing injuries) and neighbour’s kid.

I have two daughters who are very girly though I myself am a tomboy I would say. As a paediatrician I particularly strongly object to the treatment of rogd (rapid onset gender dysphoria) and in fact all gender dysphoria with hormone blockers /hormones /surgery in children. Logically any of these treatments should be reserved for age 25 plus when brain is emotionally matured.

Legally treatments should be reserved until age 18  I believe but this is against usual medical practice.

I hate the thought these unhappy kids and teenagers may lose sexual health and function, plus libido and osteoporosis etc etc all because the medical profession is failing them. We must remember our hipppcratic oath – first, do no harm.

I have discussed with my sisters who defend trans rights and tell me I’m wrong (including my sister who is lesbian). I have briefly mentioned to my husband. I have read widely on line. I have posted on twitter  once asking whether lockdown may be good for teen trans kids. Otherwise I have not posted as I’m scared of personal and professional repurcussions.

My sisters are slightly distanced from me and critical of my beliefs.

JS, Paediatric doctor and mum of two kids