I care because they lie

I care for two reasons, one is emotional and the other factual. I care because women’s rights are constantly challenged. And I care because they lie. No, it is not true that transwomen are female. It has nothing to do with being kind or understanding or I don’t know what else. It’s not true. And I won’t lie just to make them happy while they eat away at my rights as a woman and a febfem.

I have become more and more vocal about these issues, trying to care less and less about any backlash I may receive

Tension with my transgender friend. Depending when we talk, she agrees with me or buries her head in the sand. I don’t wan’t to hurt her so I don’t push as hard as I would online, but it’s so frustrating to see her get so close to being gender critical and then go back to being buried deep in gender theory.

Alicia, International law and Human rights postgraduate student