It makes me angry that people think woman is an identity

I care about this issue because it makes me angry that people think woman is an identity. It makes me angry because I don’t feel like a woman, no one can feel like a woman. It makes me angry because women have been oppressed for so long based on their sex, to say you can now identify in and out of that oppression is either weak or misogynistic. It erases the struggle and fighting women have had to put up with simply down to their sex. 

I have set up an Instagram account where I’ve posted a lot of gender critical posts, some my own and others are re-posts. I have also had discussions with many people about it online and in real life.

I have had people threaten me, tell me to kill myself, threatened to stamp on my face, tell me I’m a bigoted wh*re, been made fun of. But the worst part was having some of my family and friends tell me that maybe I deserved it and “what can you expect when you post and say things like that”.

Ellen M