We are in a dystopian, totalitarian scenario

If we can’t defend something as basic and obvious as sex then we are in a dystopian, totalitarian scenario.

I was horrified because I knew, deep down, that I agreed with the uppity feminists, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find any evidence that they were wrong.

So eventually I accepted myself as one of the difficult women. I want women to be able to name ourselves. I want us to centre ourselves in our own movement. I want us protected in our own spaces. I want language to have meaning and for scientific concepts to stay coherent & reflect reality.

I started by working up the courage to send something to my MP. Then post on Mumsnet. I then wrote longer think-pieces. Talked to my friends & family in real life.

My friends have taken it negatively. I don’t think they see me in the same way. They don’t understand, so we don’t talk about it anymore.