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I’ve seen male people with money using claims about “gender identity” and “transphobia” to weaponize those sentiments

I’ve understood since I was twelve or so that women and girls are treated unfairly, and been involved in efforts to ameliorate some of that in sport. I’ve similarly understood how the poor, racial and sexual minorities are often discriminated against, and worked to ameliorate that. Although cloaked in the language of “equal rights,” I’ve seen male people with money using claims about “gender identity” and “transphobia” to weaponize those sentiments in ways which cause observable harm to others in sport, social social services, etcetera.

I owe a great moral debt to women and GLB people who have stood up for civil rights, and so see my activism as returning a favor AND ALSO just the right thing to do.

I’m active on social media and have brought it up in a variety of groups I am part of.

I’ve been ejected from local political and online groups for defending female-only spaces, and drummed out of two non-profits which were important to me over these issues.

I write my legislators about issues such as male colonization of female sports, and do such things as letters to the editor which note that sexism and homophobia was the key issue in a local killing, not “transphobia.” A man who hoped to get a woman drunk and rape her freaked out when they discovered “she” was really a man, and what that might mean about the attacker.

I’ve been kicked out of SEVERAL groups for my alleged “transphobia,” although I’ve known and worked with scores of trans people of many ages and both sexes over 20+ years. It has cost me many casual friends, and I’m sure it has cost me business as people avoid or gossip and ostracize me. This is nothing compared to the violence women and Blacks receive, or that I saw against gays and lesbians from the 1980’s forward, so I take it in stride. As a self-employed white man I have a lot of privilege, and can afford to take these hits for many years. I have little fear of male violence, and am not easily intimidated.

Rory Bowman, feels a strong moral debt to feminists and earlier GLBT activists, USA