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I took my eye off the ball whilst practicing as a diversity consultant

I have studied and worked in the gender space for nearly 30 years and was active for ten years before that. I was a Spare rib subscriber and part of a CR Group ( we still meet). I recognized the dangers of postmodernist theory on the practice of feminism but I took my eye off the ball whilst practicing as a diversity consultant. When I read about census changes I got interested, went to an earliish Women’s Place meeting and that was it. I recognized there was a massive fight to be had.

I joined Twitter for which I had had an account not used and started tweeting. I wrote about it in my blog, I’ve written to MPs and met with one, alerted CIPD to what was happening etc.

I get zero response from the industry. I have a project in planning which may not be taken up I because of my stance but I accept there is a price to pay. One colleague at a university where I lecture .. actually  wasn’t asked back this year!  … said  eighteen months ago  ‘ god you’re brave’  which alerted me to the penalties and also the importance of speaking out.

Sarah Rutherford, Gender and Culture Consultant