I have seen something very sinister unfold

This issue is important to me because I have seen something very sinister unfold over a number of years.

What used to seem inexplicable and random – feminist groups quite suddenly turning from places of robust exchanges of opinion between women, to places of censoriousness, telling off and marginalising those who question centering men – and now with the benefit of hindsight this is no longer inexplicable or random to me, but obviously coordinated, planned and deliberate.


It is chilling. Women’s gains are being pushed back by male supremacists wearing rainbow flags who have infiltrated every organisation and space with the word ‘women’ in it.

To raise my voice I have spoken up to most people I know, written to my MP, taken part in consultations, protests, spoken on social media and given to crowdfunders.

I have experienced hostility and stereotyping – told that I am a bigot and a ‘Daily Mail reader’ in my real life. I have had it a lost worse on social media – lost accounts.