Reality is simply being denied

This should matter to all of us because reality is simply being denied. I have spent my life, particularly the younger years, being denied access to sports, careers and opportunities because I am female. Now I am to be denied the right to my own sex! Our daughter’s, sister’s, and mother’s female  rights are being eroded, erased and written back out of existence. I care about this issue because I don’t want us to go backwards.

‘Woman’ is not a category that can be picked by whoever chooses. It’s not a garment to wear when you feel like it. It’s my life.


I have been making myself more aware of what is gong on in the world and closer to home. I have tried to help other people be aware of what is being taken away from us.

A lot of folk just don’t want to hear about it, they think it is the rantings of the Daily Mail!

Marie, Home educating mum