The whole debate has destroyed -democracy

This matters to me because I understand from a cultural perspective the negative impact these proposals will have – women only spaces based upon sex is needed. I also disagree with gender stereotyping and putting children on medicines -how can a child really understand sex and changing it? My eldest said he was a cat the other day now he is a boy again –  just because they display opposite to their sex play. All because a boy plays with a dolly doesn’t mean he is girl and yet according to Mermaids it does. Rubbish.

From what I’ve read it’s used particularly in the states as gay conversation – completely wrong. It also worries me the online grooming of children by older men. If they didn’t scream I’m trans then they would be prosecuted.

That’s the last thing the whole debate has destroyed – democracy. You can’t have opposing views and express them without real fear.


I would love to say that there are two biological sex and you can’t change them. Change the outside if you want – and understand the lifelong pain the drugs and surgery causes which children can never do – but you will still be the same biological sex at the end.

Let children be children.

Let adults be themselves but not at the harm of others.

Let democracy survive and allow debate.


I have reposted as many times as I see on Twitter articles and comments to fill the feed. I’ve filled in forms. I’ve tried to discuss the path the government is taking us down. My husbands family is Muslim so that was much harder – but even they are getting that this we have an impact even on their circle.

I have had threats on twitter – they don’t do anything