I do not want to be told to shut up

I am a woman, who is also a Mother and I think meaningful discussion is better achieved when the other side actually listens. I do not want to be told to shut up when it comes to speaking about very real concerns that face Women’s rights today. I have recently become aware of the mass gaslighting of malicious individuals disguised in what was once a cause I supported fully.

I have only recently begun posting to twitter to try and raise awareness of the issues that face women – I have been watching the subject for a while and didn’t have the courage to speak up in defence of why being Gender Critical is not a crime nor is it hateful. I hope to add to what seems to positive momentum.

I haven’t had any consequences yet, but I have seen scores of examples, which were filled with more hate and violence than anything I’ve seen from those who are Gender Critical, so I am at least aware of what kind of things to expect should I receive any negative reply. I am worried however that doxxing may occur following the recent burst in GC and Radical Feminist accounts.