This has hit my family like a sledgehammer

This has hit my family like a sledgehammer where our vulnerable learning disabled daughter in her early 20s and away at college confessed to us that she had been on the Tavistock Hospital’s waiting list for a year to have a physical “sex change” with surgery and steroids, leading to medical dependency and worsened health.  Our daughter has been caught up in cultish behaviour with her college friends, one of the effects being that parents are regarded as “transphobic” if they voice any concern.

I have contacted and continue to contact my GP, my county councillor, my GP, my daughter’s GP, social services, myself and husband go to Tavistock Hospital trustees meetings, I write on twitter and facebook, I respond to blogs, I tried to get the “Woman” flag erected in my town for International Women’s Day, I have contributed towards the establishment of parents’ organisations and therapy groups. I have had friends criticise me on facebook, I have been suspended several times on twitter, I lie to my daughter about any involvement.

C, parent of GD daughter, feminist, ex-Labour