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An unethical, dangerous absurdity

Widening the legal definition of ‘woman’ to include men, particularly intact males, is an unethical, dangerous absurdity.

Voluntary social inclusion of transwomen by women is fine and good; coerced imposition by male people, regardless of presentation, on female people in situations where they are or expect to be able to be vulnerable (prisons, shelters, health care, changing rooms) is totalitarian and abhorrent.

Destroying fairness in women’s sport and wider representation makes a mockery out of women and our achievements.

I campaign on social media (Twitter) anonymously, I discuss the matter one-to-one with friends and colleagues.

I have not received any negative reactions in my private life, or from individual colleagues I have spoken with. I am careful, of course, but there is broad agreement among the people I have spoken with. I have received abuse on Twitter (like anyone does who speaks up) and I went to one WPUK (Woman’s Place UK) meeting that was mobbed by an angry, kicking, shouting crowd of trans activists.

‘Blob’, Academic anonymous