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I am being asked to deny my life experience

I am an Adult Human Female. Sex-based oppression is real; my experience as a human being of the Female Sex IS my life.

When a Man insists that he is a Woman because he says so, I am being lied to. I am being asked to lie. I am being asked to lie about what I can see in front of me. I am being asked to deny my life experience.

This GREAT UNTRUTH harms Women and Girls.

Sex (Male/Female) is our biological, material reality: it’s why an estimated (ref UN) 200 million women and girls alive today have undergone some form of genital mutilation.

Gender is a set of constructs and stereotypes: it’s why little boys are dressed in blue.

When we conflate the meaning of Feminine Gender with the Female Sex, decades of Women’s suffrage is eroded.

In my opinion as a Lecturer in the Arts and Humanities, this ‘great untruth’ is located most conspicuously in the general conflation of the words ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender’. The ‘great untruth’ and its advocates have quietly confused and manipulated our foremost legal, cultural and educational UK institutions. Squeamishness against using the word ‘Sex’ to denote sex is an innocuous reason for this conflation.

A deeper analysis and understanding of Gender Ideology and its philosophical beginnings, in particular, can offer a genuine insight into its hold (for anyone who actually cares to unpick its message). So educators like me have to be careful at the moment – I could be reprimanded or ‘no platformed’ for questioning the practical need for same-Sex toilets or pointing out my unease . I have been warned several times of ‘stirring up trouble’….

There are practical reasons why Women have Sex-based protections; the most obvious is Safeguarding and there is overwhelming, uncomfortable and compelling evidence that Women clearly need protection from Men. The uncomfortable truth is that Women need Sex-based protections and the Equalities Act went some way to provide it.

In practical terms, if a Man can self-identify into Womanhood, the protections in the Equalities Act become meaningless. Our Sex-based Sports, Sex-based toilets, Sex-based changing rooms, Scholarships, Bursaries, Women of the Year Awards, Women & Girls’ Health and the actual word for Women are being blindly co-opted.

Philosophically,  I believe Women are being ‘deconstructed’. As any good Academic will tell you, when you deconstruct an image, a word, an idea, it becomes meaningless.

The thing is, Women are not an image, a Word or an idea. Women are Human Beings and our reality is located in practicalities.

The ‘great untruth’ does not require the default Adult Human Male to do anything. Adult Human Males are not required to accept or safeguard other Adult Human Males who wear Feminine Gendered clothing or make-up, or who undergo life-changing surgery to appear as a Feminine construct. It means that Adult Human Males do not have to confront their part in why Women need practical Sex-based protections.

I have (and probably) will continue to receive death threats for exposing the ‘great untruth’ – Men cannot ‘change’ into Women.

Louisa Jones, Film Lecturer