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I’m a 22 year old going into the tech industry, I can’t speak, the vitriol is suffocating and terrifying

I’m a woman in computer science. In school I was bullied for taking maths subjects and had to suffer silently as teachers and pupils alike bullied me. I now see women who faced these same experiences, lose female centred opportunities to people who got to experience this as male, and therefore faced none of it.

The trans movement damages the reputation of women in spaces where we’re already desperately trying to quash stereotypes by suggesting that all it takes to be a woman is to wear a dress and makeup, which is NOT what makes me female.

Please help me, please help us, the trans movement is terrifying, I’m terrified. I’m sorry for not speaking out, but you see the backlash.

I don’t know what I can do without risking my career. I’m watching the rights of women be eradicated by identity politics.

I can see Olympics in the future with only trans or male athletes, the misogynistic structures of the past awarding women’s awards to men who don’t know what it’s like to fight for your place in society your whole life, but just get to put on a dress and then claim the whole lived experience of a woman.

It’s not acceptable for white people to identify as black, and then claim the lived experiences of people of color. For all the same reasons men cannot become women and then truly know what it is to grow up and live as a woman.

Please, for my daughters in the future, who currently have no future, fight this to the end.

I’m sorry, I’m a 22 year old going into the tech industry, I can’t speak, the vitriol is suffocating and terrifying. But I know my silence is a problem and I’m sorry, I’m just too scared of losing my entire future.