Academics and researchers

I’ve submitted evidence to official inquiries, lobbied politicians, talked to journalists

I care about this because the policies being pushed will have a damaging effect on the dignity, privacy and safety of my daughter, my elderly mother, me and all other women, including our ability to refuse without penalty to be seen undressed or intimately touched by a male, and will displace women from activities (eg sport, shortlists) designed specifically to overcome disadvantages based on sex, and also involve the forced denial of reality and the forced expression of  beliefs I don’t hold.

I’ve submitted evidence to official inquiries, lobbied politicians,  talked to journalists, written and appeared in the media, met officials, written academic articles.  Mostly national level inervention – some cautious local representation to school and guides.

I (as part of a group of writers or speakers related to particular events or publications, not as an individual) have been written about in extremely derogatory ways as hateful/unsafe/anti-trans, on university-hosted websites, blogs and social media, and in communications to the Scottish parliament, and subject to appalling treatment by one organisation I won’t describe here because we are still thinking how best to make it better known.

Lucy Hunter Blackburn, Researcher and policy analyst