My belief in free speech is not only to protect my right to speak, but also to HEAR

I’m concerned about the loss of sex-based rights to safety and security for women and girls, which were long fought for. Also, being asked to lie and to deny reality in order for others to feel more comfortable, whilst seeing those rights being taken away. My belief in free-speech is not only to protect my right to speak, but also to HEAR.

I’m ashamed that my activities have been limited to anonymous comments online, eg. When asked my ‘gender’ in an online form, I fill in “My sex is female”. I’m sure that I would lose friends if I discussed it with them, but I am getting more and more frustrated.

The bravest thing I’ve done has been to attend a public event where gender-critical feminists discussed the dangers of trans-activism.

Since it seems that the only response to such discussions is to scream ‘BIGOT” at those who might question trans-activism, I am ashamed to say that I haven’t really expressed myself publicly to friends.

As a life-long left-wing progressive (as are my friends), I’m horrified that i have allowed myself to not even bring this up in social situations. I’ve seen the negative consequences for those who are braver than me, and I have allowed my fear to silence me.

D, Life-long liberal, which now seems to be a dirty word…, Canada