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The silencing of women on this issue is driven by men

I care because I worry about the future for girls and women and I’m outraged about the slow creep of corporate subservience to organisations like Mermaids and Stonewall.

As a little girl I would have expected my Mum (and Dad) to stand up for my rights and although I don’t have kids I have an 8 year old niece. Why should she have to get changed into her swimming costume in front of men masquerading as women? Why should she have to compete against boys masquerading as girls if she chooses to play competitive sport.

The silencing of women on this issue is driven by men and I say this as a heterosexual woman who is in a loving marriage. But if you speak up you are dismissed as transphobic: possibly the laziest insult around these days. I’m increasingly uneasy about being a member of my company’s ERG LGBT group which is aligning itself with Stonewall and all its dubious misogynistic views. Lesbians are being erased and expected to accept male bodied partners. Children being told they are a different gender and young ones being given puberty blockers. A very frightening world.

I am regularly educating and raising awareness with my friends. Only last night two gay friends who are big Harry Potter fans were saying they were confused and didn’t understand the issues with JK Rowling. They were shocked when I told them the issues. It’s easy to assume that all LGB people know all the facts: many are blissfully unaware.

I would absolutely love if someone in the movement could create some materials which people like me in corporations could share internally to raise concerns about the likes of Stonewall who have a jack boot on the neck of big companies in the UK. Most organisations have an internal ‘speak up’ whistleblower mechanism which can be used if people are concerned about anonymity. Not really for me.

I’m a confident and articulate person. I tend to find that those who I speak to are  totally unaware of the facts and when they hear them they are horrified. I suspect many people are watching on the sidelines terrified to be labelled transphobic especially those in the public eye.

Lou, A left leaning feminist who can no longer tolerate the erosion of womankind