The trans movement is a men’s rights movement

I care about this issue because I am a feminist and have spent much of my working life supporting girls and women in empowerment.

I was a social worker latterly and also fostered girls so am fully aware of the damage that had been done to them, emotionally, physically and sexually. 

I feel that the trans movement is a men’s rights movement. More importantly I believe that it is covering up for paedophilia. It is dangerous.

I have raised awareness of the harm the trans movement does to girls and women. This is to my family, friends, groups I belong to and to my MP. I have written to the safeguarding leads in every school in my local town and the surrounding villages raising safeguarding concerns. I have attended events regarding women’s sex based rights. I have completed consultations on self ID and have written to English and Scottish MP’s to either raise awareness or to thank them for their intervention. I have leafletted a local school to inform them of the threat to children. I regularly share relevant stories or information on Facebook. 

Lastly I have donated to crowdfunding ( including your own) and have signed countless petitions. I am lucky as I no longer work so have not had to deal with any issues in a workplace. However I have found that some people have either not believed what I am telling them or have stated that  they do not want to know. Family sometimes ask me not to talk about it at social events.

 Sara S, Retired Social Worker