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I hate being told what to think

Firstly, because I hate being told what to think. I was similarly upset about Dawkins’s campaign against religious belief- at a time when I was struggling with the loss of my own; his authoritarian and judgmental attitude, I thought, was terrifying and insulting.

Secondly- and paradoxically with reference to the first point – because what we are asked to believe can’t possibly be true, unless there is a disembodied soul. Otherwise, the mind is an emanation of the body; therefore, the idea of a quasi-spiritual essence of femininity which is separable from the body makes no sense.

I have argued with people on social media.

I have had insults and abuse; people saying that, for example, they’re glad I’m not my child and that I might kill him with my “intolerance ” (he’s 2); one threat of violence; lost friends.

Smithsinarazz , 44, urbanist, mum