I do not want to see the voices of young women being drowned out

It matters to me because I do not want to see the voices of young women being drowned out. Having seen school girls protesting after boys were allowed access to their spaces, I realised how uncomfortable that would have made me. Furthermore, I believe everyone has a right to voice their view on this matter without fear or repercussions of job loss or harassment.

I have begun following gender critical discourse online, I have discussed my views with my mother, and several of my friends, and have discovered that we all share similar views. I have slowly been posting more and more on my private social media, and I have been routinely discussing the reality of biological sex from my position of being educated in anatomy and cell biology.

I have fallen out with my brother who is the complete opposite of me, and thinks self ID and other gender ideological ideas are good. I have lost not-so-close friends after they discovered that I was following and taking part in gender critical discourse.

Cat, BSc anatomical sciences and pharmacy advisor