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Women are being sidelined

This issue is at the heart of modern politics because once again women are being sidelined, if not erased, to meet the needs and wants of men. Woman are not a subset of their sex. It matters that I make a public stand to raise the voices of women around the world demanding to be recognised, heard and keep their sex-based rights.

Gender is a cultural construct and an individual can dress & name themselves how they please but insisting that women accommodate the stereotypical imagery so many mtf (male to female) transgender people insist on rather than men moving up and broadening their gender dynamic.

I have spoken with friends and acquaintances about the issues – loss of as sex-based rights in loss of sex-based communities, revisionism of lesbian and gay history, the demand of lesbians to be accommodating the whole concept of “male lesbians”.

I have been called TERF, put friendships at risk, been asked by my daughter not to discuss the issue bc she doesn’t want to fight.

trash alou, Middle aged old lady with a determination to stand up for those women and children who need a voice