I’ve delivered a talk to a local group

I care because women’s rights, protections, safe spaces, sports and the right to discuss and campaign regarding our physical issues – ie menstruation, pregnancy, Abortion, contraception etc. All are being undermined by trans demands. All are suffering from self ID.

I’ve spoken up on social media. I’ve had an exchange of emails with my MP. I’ve delivered a talk to a local group. I’ve connected with other local gender critical feminists to discuss issues. I’ve attended WPUK meetings and conference. I’ve tried to discuss multiple times within the Women’s Equality Party – with leaders, Elected officers, staff and members. I’ve spoken up at an equalities training session – I also discussed with the trainer privately.  I’ve written an article for a local magazine on the difference between sex and gender. I’ve had people contact me privately and I’ve supported them with information including individuals trying to deal with a teenage daughter who’s trans and an adult son.

I have been attacked on social media – often by strangers but also by people I know. These attacks have been vicious including telling me I’m transphobic, a bigot, hateful, a nazi, denying the existence of trans people. I’ve been blocked on Twitter and I’m on block lists. Other women involved in the magazine asked me to avoid discussing trans ideology or implications of self ID on women’s rights – They were concerned about the reaction from TRA’s.

Fodo, Feminist, singer, musician and mother, fodohpf