I wrote to the NSPCC and told them why I was stopping my monthly donation

As a child, I was extremely GNC to the point of wishing I had been a boy, and was a very androgynous teenager and young woman. I have no doubt at all I would be transed if I was young now. I also fear for women’s and girls’ sports. All the (very recent) progress we’ve made is set to be lost if men and boys are allowed to participate.

I have written to my MP and tried to meet with him, and I have spoken to friends and family. In fact, I have spoken to anyone who will listen, trying to explain what is happening and why it matters. (Most people find it hard to believe and some think I must have made a mistake).

I post on Twitter, and amplify GC feminists voice by retweeting and liking their posts.

I have also contributed to 4 or 5 crowd funding requests (e.g. Sue Evans,  James Caspian, David Bell, EVAW) and I support Refuge crisis centres with a small monthly donation to help them remain independent. I wrote to the NSPCC and told them why I was stopping my monthly donation, and have written to other institutions such as the National Trust when they show themselves to no longer understand that women are a biological category.

I haven’t suffered any negative consequences.

Claire L