If they win I won’t have a noun to describe myself

I care because if they win I won’t have a noun to describe myself. the word woman will be meaningless as it could equally apply to a man (see Scottish Government’s recent decision that when it says it is committed to 50% women on public boards, women also means transwomen and not just GRC holders but ANY man who says they’re a woman)

I have tweeted, I have spoken to friends, I have raised the issue more than once at my local branch of the SNP, I have emailed and met with my MSPs and also my MP, I have demonstrated outside the Scottish Parliament, I have responded to consultations. I am a member of a secret Face Book group. Secret – can you believe it? I have donated to multiple fund raising causes (eg Maya’s court case)

I am permanently suspended from Twitter because I ‘mis-gendered’ someone (I said someone was trans when they were non-binary. What am i like?)  and I am ‘a repeat offender.

Helen B, Scottish Feminist