Vulnerable people are being sold a lie at great cost

I care because vulnerable people are being sold a lie at great cost and because of the appalling effects of this on the world’s only oppressed majority – women.

I run OBJECT.  We have been out on this issue since 2016. I was in the London Pride action in 2018 and was interviewed for Pink News. This was beamed round the world and resulted in a transactivist Twitter pile-on to Humanists UK with whom I worked as a self-employed Funeral Celebrant. HUK raised an entirely hypothetical complaint against me based on this..  I vigorously defended myself in a 20-page document which peak-transed the 3 women deputed to process the complaint. I chose to stop working with HUK as they did not apologise.

I have been vilified by Humanists UK and was dragged through a trumped-up complaint based solely on a transactivist Twitter pile-on.

Jan Williams,, Chair, OBJECT,