I want my daughter to enjoy sex based rights

I want to have sex-based rights so I can take part in public life on something approaching an equal footing with men. I want my daughter to enjoy those rights, and my mother, and female relatives and friends.

Wild Woman

Equally, I cannot tolerate the fact that gender ideologues have been sterilising little kids by telling them they were “born in the wrong body,” and giving them toxic drug cocktails to change the appearance of their bodies. It’s dystopian. Finally, I stand with lesbian women who simply want to live as lesbians without being harassed by delusional, entitled, frequently predatory Autogynephiliac males. The trans-activist agenda has been too misogynistic, irrational, pseudoscientific and harmful to child safeguarding to stay silent, despite the costs of speaking up.

I have written articles and blogs, written countless letters including to my kids’ schools, visited my MP and school leaders, supported other women speaking out however I can, donated to countless crowdfunders, e-petitioned, organised meetings with other mothers, and been as loud and persistent as possible on social media (while avoiding being thrown off the platform). 

Several years ago, I was vocal in my criticism of gender ideology while writing under my own name online.

Trans activists made pornographic webpages attached to my name which came up high in online search results.

Wild Woman

They bombarded me with abuse and threats whenever I spoke online, to the extent that I began to fear offline violence. They doxxed my personal details. As I had a baby at the time, I decided to prioritise our safety and security and fell silent, leaving the ‘debate.’ I remain angry to this day that TRAs effectively terrorised me into silence, helping to ensure less opposition to their polticidal agenda of erasing women’s sex-based rights.