Our personal spaces are being invaded

I first became aware if this issue when I saw reports about men in women’s sports about 9 months ago. As a sports fan I was outraged and started to look into it on Twitter,  which is how I came across Maya, self id,  Debbie Hayton etc. I had no idea! As a woman and a mother i am outraged that our rights are being disregarded, our personal spaces are being invaded and women are subject to so much violence and abuse.

Until now i have only been brave enough to discuss this within my immediate family, but as a result of seeing this, today I contacted my 25 year old niece to see how much she knows and to voice my concerns. I know she has gay and trans friends but we have had the start of a good conversation and she has asked for more articles to read.

My son refused to discuss as he has trans friends and assumed i was being transphobic.

Diane, Woman, mother