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Medicalising healthy bodies to fix broken minds can never end in happily ever after

I care about this issue because the world is already a dangerous place for women and children. I believe gender self ID will make it more so as men will use it to gain access to women and children.

I care because it’s a nonsense and a fiction to say trans women are women. I will never go along with this outrageous lie.

I care because children are being sold a dream that doesn’t exist when they are told puberty blockers, hormones and surgeries will solve all their problems. Medicalising healthy bodies to fix  broken minds can never end in happily ever after.

I have raised awareness by highlighting the issues to people outside of social media.

So far I have not encountered any negative consequences. I do believe it is just a matter of time, though. The more I continue to rage against this ideology the more likely I am to find consequences. It does worry me.

Max, Adult human female