Men didn’t want to be women when women had nothing for themselves

This matters to me because it feels like only yesterday to me that some of the freedoms we enjoyed for a while were won. I don’t think it right that hard won rights are being taken away by men. Men didn’t want to be women when women had nothing for themselves. It is just misogyny plain and simple and it makes me very angry.

I have written to my MP, with no success at all. Just got the TWAW (transwomen are women) reply. I speak up at work and have not been reprimanded yet. I speak up at home but my daughter is very woke and we disagree on this. She is very much TWAW, her only wobble was learning about Yaniv and she went off self I-d for a while, but after more training at work she is back on the TWAW bandwagon.

I have had arguments with my daughter. My sister also believes TWAW. They both work in education and have had the training. At work there have been no consequences up to now. But I always stay respectful and everyone knows I am a fair person.

I support LFC (and Maya), It feels like the erasure of something so obvious, so based in fact and science, that I am concerned we as a people are being gaslighted.

I write on twitter.

Janice V, Feminist and gender critic