Sex matters

I have an elderly mother, a teenage daughter & I’m in my 40s. We are all impacted by the loss of single sex protections for different, but entirely biologically female reasons, and sex remains the common factor in the ways we are impacted in the same and differing ways. Loss of privacy, dignity, safety, recovery from trauma and the right to participate in public life – we all have reasons for the need of female only provisions across many aspects of our lives.

Sex matters, and continues to impact all of us in the various ways we navigate through day to day life.

I’ve organised, researched, spoken up, contacted elected representatives, local authorities, and in most official capacities, I have been ignored, or dismissed without adequate justification or explanation.

I’ve lost a good friend, I worry about the impact on my job if my online identity was confirmed.  Not because I have ever been abusive or harassed anyone, or engaged in ‘bigotry’ but because I believe my right to recognise sex as a material reality is important. Surveys at work no longer address sex, instead they ask for gender identity, something that I do not believe in.

Bones123, Adult Human Female