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Why did my mother have to suffer for years with her womb

As a woman who hasn’t been believed and made to feel bad for being sexually assaulted, I find it terrifying that women’s voices are still not heard. I am not traumatised by the event but other women are by theirs and pushing ideology on people only makes that worse.

Why did my mother have to suffer for years with her womb because they couldn’t be bothered to deal with it, whereas had she identified as man she may have not had to suffer as long.

I was told at 16 I was too young for a hysterectomy as I may want kids one day. I’m glad they didn’t take me seriously in some ways as now in my 30s I am considering children.

However, it is this disregard towards women and their feelings and their bodies that does not sit right with me. This is before we even get on to the topic of men identifying as women being allowed to compete as women in sport!

I am quite active on Twitter in the Gender Critical movement. I was threatened rape on twitter and the tweet was deleted and the account suspended.

KS, Biology cannot be denied