I respect and support trans women but their experience is different to mine

I’m a 52 year old menopausal woman.  I’ve experienced my life as a woman.  I’ve had to look after myself, deal with sexual harassment, painful periods, pregnancy, childbirth, an equal pay claim and a lifetime of navigating everything from overt to subtle sexism.  I respect and support trans women but their experience is different to mine.  They have experienced a different perspective. 

I don’t discount anyone’s experience but I want my experience as an adult human female to be valid and separate.  It cannot be right that trans women can compete against women in sport.   Please can we have diversity of perspective on this topic?

I’ve been moderately active on Twitter.  I’ve supported financially where possible.  I’ve talked to people – debated.  I’ve tried to support women and trans women where I can.

Not experienced consequences so far…. but I’m worried

Jo C, Adult Human Female