Taking medication will affect my child forever

My child identifies as trans and is aiming to access hormone treatment while still a teen. My child only recently identified as trans and has self diagnosed their gender dysphoria. Taking medication will affect my child forever. However, because I am uncertain that opting in to a potential lifetime of medical intervention at the age of 15 is something to question, I am thought of as transphobic.

On social media, parents with non-affirmative approaches to trans teens are often described as abusive.

I have questioned women’s loos being converted into GN loos as a way to support trans employees (who I was told would not apply for jobs without more provision of this kind). I have questioned a tick box on a form to identify unrepresented populations – ‘a cis gender female who identifies as a woman’.

When I have questioned whether my child is trans, friends have suggested I a) might not know my child well enough to know,  b) am prejudiced or c) do not understand what will be the best pathway for my child.