If she can stand up for what’s right, it’s time I did too

This matters to me because we are women, and our biology is a fundamental factor in our oppression worldwide and throughout history. To ignore it, or pretend it isn’t exactly what it is, is just ridiculous, not to mention extremely dangerous. Aside from that, I’m a believer in facts and reality, and I won’t pretend something is X if I know it to be Y. I disagree with compelled speech with every part of my being.

I have created an anonymous twitter account to join conversations and show my support, in light of the brave actions of JK Rowling. If she can stand up for what’s right, it’s time I did too. However I’m sorry I do so anonymously, I’m just scared of TR activists and what they might do if I annoy one of them. I also read and research a lot around the topic, and speak to my friends on the matter where it feels safe to do so.

Not yet really, but I’ve only just started to be properly vocal this week. I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

V GKC E, 31 year old female, who won’t be forced in to a lie that endangers others