You cannot feel what it is like to be a woman

This issue is important to my heart because I value my human right to safety as a woman. Moreover, a woman who has been assaulted by males throughout my short life, I recognise the importance of distinguishing between sex (reality) and gender (stereotypes). You cannot feel what it is like to be a woman. If you were born male, you cannot understand the attacks made against you on a daily basis by everyone in your life, and you cannot empathise genuinely with the suffering of women the world over. I won’t be silenced.

I have devoted my social media accounts to amplifying women and lesbian voices against the tsunami of false information, men deciding what women are, and bile spewed against women like JKR, who is an honourable and admirable representative for women who have suffered at the hands of men.

I’ve been banned from countless groups and communities and added to several lists of public enemies belonging to those groups admins. I have received death and rape threats, as have every other woman I know who has spoken their mind on this matter.

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