I had an eating disorder and I think body dysphoria is very common

I care from a few different perspectives. As a mother, as I do think that the trans trend is, in a way, conversion therapy convincing gay young people that there are in the wrong body instead of helping them thought the tumultuous period of adolescence.

I had an eating disorder and I think body dysphoria is very common; if you add that to being gay, I think many young people would be at risk of being persuaded to go on a medicalisation route which can potentially alter their bodies and make them infertile.

I also had doubts when I was a young woman on whether I was a lesbian. I am attracted to masculine women and I think it’s sad that many of them would want to become men.

I don’t think it’s right for trans people with male genitalia to enter a female space ever. Whether that is a prison or a public changing room.

I don’t think MTF should compete in female sport or get recognitions aimed at women.

And I’m tired of the gaslighting that a crossdresser is a woman. I will call them what ever name they want.

I don’t think birth certificates should be altered. I think a gender recognition certificate can be a separate one.

I have written to my MP, contributed to consultations and posted on social media both anonymously and under my name.

I have been bullied on social media. I’m sure if I was more visible I would be more exposed.

Tatiana S, Mother and entrepeneur