If any man can say he’s a woman then all women and girls are at risk

It matters because if any man can say he’s a woman then all women and girls are at risk in what should be single sex only spaces. I do not want to be at risk from these strange males, most of whom, I found out, do not get any SRS and are heterosexual. I now use disabled toilets wherever possible and I have not used any changing rooms in over 2 years. I would like to go swimming but simply can’t because I don’t want these males near me in changing rooms.

As a lesbian it is also very important to me that heterosexual and bisexual males are excluded from our groups and clubs, etc. It does not matter if they have had surgery, they are still male and I do not want them there.

I’ve mostly talked with family in real life (they agree with me) and online with other people who agree. I have been to one meeting with forwomen scot and it was very good.

I got banned from the lgbt and lesbian groups in my city. People simply stopped talking to me. None of them want to know me simply because I say humans cannot change sex and I won’t date a transgender and I want single sex spaces.