If we don’t have a word for ourselves then we can’t protect our rights

This matters to me because it is a massive women’s rights issue. It is important for women’s safety, privacy, women’s sports, and women’s rights in general, because if we don’t have a word for ourselves then we can’t protect our rights.

I was very active anonymously on Twitter (before getting permanently banned for referring to a male paedophile as “he” and saying women don’t have penises and other such “hateful conduct”). I have attended local feminist meetings on the subject. I have delicately broached the subject with a couple of friends, but not as forcefully as I would like (I am afraid of being branded a transphobic before being given a chance to say my piece).

I have spoken openly in local and national Labour Party Facebook groups but I haven’t said anything publicly on my own Facebook page as I am afraid of the reaction from a few friends (even though I am certain the vast majority of people would agree with me once they have heard the full story, as I’ve said, I’m worried that one or two of them could write me off before giving me a chance to explain my view).

I was suspended several times from Twitter before being permanently suspended (for such heinous crimes as referring to a male paedophile as “he” or saying women don’t have penises). I have had minor arguments with friends (which has put me off talking to any other friends).

Amy S, 31, Bristol