Scientific concepts I use as a biologist are being turned into mush

I care because women’s needs (safe spaces, scientific data collection, fair sports) are being subsumed in order for people to feel they’re supportive of an oppressed minority.  I am deeply saddened that girls are told if they hate their bodies they can just alter them at will, with no ill effects.  Scientific concepts I use as a biologist are being turned into mush.

The idea of a “lady brain” that transgender theory espouses was used to block my mother and grandmother from challenging majors at university. 

Spaces in “serious” majors were reserved for men.  I do not want a return to this idea that women’s brains are specialized for feminine things.

I have started quiet conversations with those I am very close to and trust completely.  Always in person to see each others faces, and earnestness. I express concerns on Iimited topics at a time, staying focused on objective facts that we can agree upon, and the need for fairness.  I have supported women in Gender Critical online spaces.

I did have one argument with a loved one that meant we could not discuss any related issues for a couple years.  I sense he thought I harbored some illogical bigotry.  A later conversation did address that issue, but there was a long time where some news items or entertainment would cause uncomfortable silence.  I have not brought these issues up with any online friends as I know most would interpret my concerns in the most negative way possible.  They want to maintain standing as “good liberals”.

Trish D, environmental scientist, USA