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I worry so much about the climate for girls growing up

It matters as it should matter to all women, and indeed anyone who cares about women and children. It’s personal to me because I worry so much about the climate for girls growing up. I have a ten year old daughter and I have spent time trying to instil her right to boundaries, and establishments that should know better are undermining that.

I’m horrified to think we had it better when I was her age, 30 years ago, and that safeguarding is actually deteriorating based mainly on this issue.

I have been vocal on twitter but I’m basically anon there. Fb here and there but am still nervous of it. I have however been in to school, explained my objections to gender leaning sex Ed in primary schools. I’ve spoken to the other parents. I have liaised with the muslim parents at our school many of whom were not aware and are now with me in the fight to get the curriculum changed for our school. Oh and sent links and info from SSA etc, emailed the head and local MP. I’ve complained in writing to my local labour MP, although he was removed because guess what, he’s not safe around young women. I wear my Adult Human Female t shirts and have talked to a lot of trusted friends and family. It’s still not enough.

I have been messaged on Twitter a few times, was verbally abused on Facebook quite publically when I raised concerns about Time Out making such a positive spin on drag queen shows for kids, but nothing personally too threatening, no. Mainly because of not going public on twitter with my real details.