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Policy makers have embraced the trans doctrine without any thought

There are so many reasons I care about this.

I hate to see the erasure of our sex and the language associated with it – women, breastfeeding, pregnant women etc., just to satisfy the narcissism of a few entitled men.

I loath the self righteousness of woke commentators who couldn’t care less about vulnerable girls and women.

I worry about children being brainwashed into thinking they’re born in the wrong body and encouraged to be mutilated and medicated, all under a false guise of compassion and progressivism. I also worry about how this  ideology is promoting misogyny and homophobia and how it will affect vulnerable girls and young women and their rights to protection, privacy and to fair competition.

And finally, it frustrates me to see how policy makers have embraced the trans doctrine without any thought to how it will impact on women.

I haven’t done much other than debate on my twitter account and to discuss with friends and family, most of whom agree with me anyway.

Any consequences? Other than some insults on social media, no.

Barbara R, Switzerland