If you can’t talk about women, sexism cannot be stopped

If you can’t talk about women, sexism cannot be stopped.

The existence of single sex spaces is for a reason, mostly safety, and as long as the reason for them exists, so should they.

I am concerned because I don’t want my gender non-conforming child to be told he is in the ‘wrong’ body, I just want him to dress and act as he likes as himself.

What do i do? I ‘like’ as much as I can that I agree with, so that support becomes more evident and let people know that I share their beliefs.

No one should feel like a lone voice just because many gender critical people are scared of the threats they know they will receive.

Also I have begun challenging people in online spaces, presenting my side of things and emphasising that women should be free to talk.

Any consequences? Not yet. But I only got brave a day ago. Personally I give it about a week. However, I have been blocked by politicians and women’s representatives for FOLLOWING the ‘wrong’ accounts.

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