Healthcare Parent

We…should not be gaslit by those supposed to care

This matters to me for several reasons.

I spent several years in women’s refuges with my child and realising that women and children like us, full of trauma, could be forced to accept having males as residents or staff no matter how they identify is deeply worrying and upsetting.

We need this environment to be female and children only and should not be gaslit by those supposed to care. I worry about vulnerable women in prison, in hospitals, on closed wards. I worry that women’s spaces are no longer women’s spaces and that we won’t know until it’s too late. I am deeply concerned about the huge amount of young people who now say they identify as trans and the way they are being constantly affirmed.

I have written letters, attended one meeting, distributed literature, had conversations with refuge staff, I am active on social media under an assumed name, I have spoken to some people in real life, I’ve donated to as many fundraisers as I can, translated information from Scandinavia alongside other small actions

I have been threatened and abused on Social Media and have been unable to speak in my own name through fear of doxxing. I am unable to speak about this socially as it could affect my sons education as we home educate, so since leaving refuge I have chosen to only speak to those I know share my views.

Leonora Christina