I will not be pigeon-holed into being what gender has decided for me

My lived life tells me that the experiences that I have had from the earliest age until now have been informed by my biology. It is my biology that has created the oppression that I have experienced as a woman not the social construct of gender.

I did not conform to the stereotypical image of what girls should be, and as I grew older I did not conform to gender stereotypical woman.  That said I am woman because that is my sex.

 I will not be pigeon holed into being what gender has decided for me but I will be what a woman is, a woman. The construct of gender has demanded that I should adopt a way of being that exists to satisfy the fantasies of men.  That to me is not what being a woman is.  I do not exist to conform to the whims of our patriarchal structures. Transgender politics have become a loud voice that demands women acquiesce even more to the whims to patriarchal constructs of what a women is.  It demands that the lived biological experiences of women are denied and replaced with gender identity politics which require women to consent even further to the will of men to dominate them.  It demands that ‘woman’ can only be defined by a gendered based male narrative.  If we disagree we should face violence.

I have used whatever means I can, writing letters, going on protests about the loss of single sex spaces, written articles.

I have been threatened with violence, told to expect to be raped by lesbian dicks, trolled on social media.

Paula , Educator, activist, socialist, mother