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Men are still telling women what to think

As a woman I care about this because women’s hard won rights are being eroded.  We need single sex spaces and sports to ensure safety, dignity and equality.  I’m worried that children are being pushed into irreversible medical procedures without the knowledge or maturity to make a wise decision.  Men are still telling women what to think, in fact what we are, it’s the same old misogyny as ever.

I have attended Woman’s Place UK meetings.  I submitted evidence to the GRA consultation.  I’ve written to my MP about my concerns.  I’ve spoken to friends and family about the issue.

I’ve been very careful about who I speak to and what I say so I haven’t personally experienced negative consequences. 

As a 63 year old woman I have a lot of older friends, all the women I know in this age bracket are very concerned about this issue, especially about children being pushed into irreversible medical procedures. 

I’ve heard a lot of stories from other women about the abuse they’ve experienced in the past which makes them particularly anxious to maintain single sex spaces for girls and women as an urgent issue.

Maggie, Woman