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When I’m old and vulnerable I don’t want to find my woman doctor is actually a man

I believe women have the right to privacy and to spaces where men can’t go. I also believe women have the right to be treated (medically for example) by women and to refuse to be treated by men. I do not believe people can change sex, so even if a man is ‘transgender’ he is still biologically and in reality a man. I don’t believe he should be able to hide that fact in all cases. To allow that would impinge on women’s rights in many ways.

When I’m old and vulnerable I don’t want to find my woman doctor is actually a man. Also, I have stepdaughters and I don’t want them forced to accept that men can be women and to have men invade their privacy. I also fear that ‘self identification’ will provide an opportunity for any man to invade women’s spaces in order to harm women and girls.

I have responded to the GRA consultation and I wrote to others to tell them about it and encourage them to respond. I also tweeted and facebooked about it and wrote to my MP. I’ve made contact/connected with other women – inc locally – to work on this issue together. I’m also part of a group of women working to challenge the issue in the political party we are all members of. I raise the issue with friends and family when I can. I donate to crowdfunders when I can afford it. I also sign petitions and write letters to those in/with power. When I can I share letter templates and encourage others to write/speak up too.

After tweeting about the GRA consultation, a young transwoman (a trans identified male) who works in the same field as me attacked me on social media. A long, ranty thread including accusations of transphobia etc. I didn’t know/had never met this person in real life.

Perhaps foolishly I responded (I spent an hour writing three v.careful tweets in reply). There was a ‘pile on’ against me by others in my industry – including people I did know personally. I felt bullied and it was extremely stressful.

It made me afraid – and I’m not someone who’s used to that feeling. I’m mostly confident and more than capable of sticking up for myself. I lost a lot of Twitter followers (no big deal in the grand scheme of things). Then in the autumn several jobs I usually did at this time (that I’d done annually for several years) weren’t offered. I don’t think it was a coincidence – but I can’t be sure. I wasn’t offered the work in 2019 either though.

I largely stopped tweeting about gender critical things after this and blocked the person who attacked me as much as for their sake as mine. After the original incident, the following summer, I found out the same young person was badmouthing me on Twitter again but could no longer @mention me.

They’d clearly looked back through my feed to find gender critical things (inc. shock horror a RT of @glinner!) and would have seen I’d tweeted nothing on the issue for approx four months. This didn’t stop them tweeting about me, accusing me of transphobia and telling their followers to DM them so they could tell people who I was. They and a few of their followers also encouraged people to shun me and unfollow me. Several clients and contacts unfollowed me at this point. During this time I became very anxious and depressed and found it hard to work. I was afraid of losing the work I still had and too nervous to attend industry events. It took me ages to feel strong again – thanks to connecting with other GC women and a self defence course.

“Alice Brean”, Freelance writer

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My 19 yo daughter gets upset with me for obsessing about the issue, although she is on-side

Being female is already a disadvantage in many walks of life including business and politics. Hard-fought gains are being lost as people strive to accommodate men who want something more from us. I also worry about my daughter, and myself, and other women, who may lose the privacy and emotional safety of female-only spaces, female healthcare workers, and so on. I feel upset for individual women who have lost a place in a sports team or on a podium because a man took it.

I’ve done a wide range of things. I’ve written to and met with my MP. I’ve written to my county council about their schools trans inclusion advice, several times (trying again now). I’ve taken part in London, UK and Scottish consultations. I’ve donated to several crowd funding campaigns for legal action, and to campaign groups. I help a campaign group with speeches and written submissions. I attended several talks in London organised by LAWS and WPUK. I sat in the visitors’ gallery at the High Court for the first time ever, to hear the Fair Cop case.  I have raised the issue with a group of women at my sports club, and followed up by sharing links. I’ve raised it with my sport’s National Governing Body.

 I changed from my real name on Twitter after some TRAs started piling on and were clearly looking me up elsewhere and making connections, and making references to my work.

My 19 yo daughter gets upset with me for obsessing about the issue, although she is on-side. We’ve had a few rows about it.

F, working in business and sport, DerryBanshee

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I would raise my voice a lot more if I didn’t fear for my business

I care because appropriating the word “women” to include men pretending to be women, erases women. It diminishes our rights and has been shown to place us in a subordinated position where we are actively silenced and openly bullied.

I have used Twitter to voice my objections regularly but anonymously. I am involved in Fair Cop campaign to address stonewall’s and mermaids’ institutional capture. I would raise my voice a lot more if I didn’t fear for my business.

I have been shunned by friends, received abuse and threats online. I fear for my business and have to remain away from any publicity.

Peaky FFS, Gender critical woman and free speech advocate, shurelynot

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I help run the Women’s Human Rights Campaign website

This is important to me because gender ideology is a huge threat to the rights of women and girls. I fear that gender ideology is causing us to move away from truth and reality towards compelled language, pseudoscience and harmful nonsense being encoded into law with huge consequences for society.

I have written to my MP four times. The first two times to Mark Prisk with favourable results and the second two to his replacement, Julie Marson, with poor result. I have attended half a dozen women’s meetings in London and Cambridge. I have volunteered with the Women’s Human Rights Campaign where I organised a conference for the launch of “Inventing Transgender Children and Young People”. I help run the Women’s Human Rights Campaign website and have conducted some lobbying activities across Europe. I speak regularly to most people I know, including at work, share info when I can on social media. I have also written to newspapers.

I have been more circumspect with what I post on social media recently because I am short of (freelance) work.

Kath A, Adult human female