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I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection

I care because I am a woman and the erasure of women’s rights affects all natal females in terms of our personal care, privacy, safety, sports and careers. I am a parent of a young child and want my son and his peers to grow up free of oppressive gender stereotypes. I also worked with vulnerable children and adults with learning difficulties, including autism, and with the elderly in a hospital setting for many years. As such I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection and child and young adult mental health.

I have contributed to quite a few crowdfunders for women’s rights, sex discrimination and for freedom of speech. I have written to my MP and completed the Scottish GRA consultation questionnaire. I wrote to M&S about their changing room policy. I have signed many petitions and asked my name to be added to letters in support of feminists I follow on Twitter. I retweet a lot but am not confident to share my own voice. I have talked about it with friends, family and some clients at work.

My family and friends (mainly female) don’t like me mentioning it as they don’t understand my concerns and think that I’m overreacting so I tend to avoid it these days. I have to choose who I speak to about the topic quite carefully. This I think is mainly due to their belief that transwomen have all had GRS, that the suicide stats are true and that the ‘born in the wrong body’ ideology is also true. Unfortunately as such they don’t think that the issue will really affect them despite me trying to give them information to the contrary.

Nina C, Self employed/own business

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I have 30+ years of battling to have a voice, a place and a life that is not dictated by a man

I am an adult human female; I have 30+ years of battling to have a voice, a place and a life that is not dictated by a man. First my grandfather, then my stepfather,  then my husband.  All of whom had something to say about the fact that I had some things to say.

For more than 20 years, I have mentored women in their careers and business. Often, the first person to take their issues in the workplace seriously. 

Of course. I was told from an early age “young ladies should be seen and not heard”. I believed this until I was 26 years old.

Demanda , Real women support all women

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It really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement

I care because I am a woman, and trans ideology and legislation is eroding women’s rights. Once you take a proper look, it becomes very clear that transgenderism is not only a backlash to feminism, and the women’s liberation movement, but that it really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement. I also feel sad for the many traumatised people – particularly, gender non-nonconforming, lesbians, gay men, autism spectrum and mentally vulnerable, who are being told they need to have surgeries and take harmful hormones. Any system that tells people, particularly children that their bodies are wrong is abusive

I’m better at visuals than writing, and to shine a light on the insane dogma and gas lighting in mainstream media I started comically editing, trans and queer media propaganda, and creating hilarious gender critical memes – to share on social media, eventually publishing them on a Facebook page. Unfortunately due to too much hilarity and truth, the page kept getting suspended and finally got permanently unpublished by Facebook last month.

I have lost work. I wrote a comment on a Facebook advert about how many trans identified males are autogynephilic, stating that we have over 40 years of peer reviewed science supporting the theory, with links to Blanchardrence etc. Trans activists wrote to my studio. (I’m a yoga teacher) and they said I hate trans people and I got fired by the studio, they also wrote to a teacher I trained with and she took me off her list of trained teachers. Obviously I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t believe the insane dogma.

, Free speech; if I genuinely believe that men cannot become women (etc.) this opinion should not be suppressed. This is not a “phobia”, but an empirical belief.

AB, bloominanna

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People stay silent; they won’t engage

I care about the protection of women’s spaces, services and sports. I am worried about an ideology that teaches children that if they do not conform to narrow gender stereotypes they were born in the wrong body. I am horrified by irreversible harms done to these children/young people through puberty blockers, hormones and surgery. I believe in freedom of speech and find it incredible that stating biological fact can cost someone their job. I think gender identity ideology is nonsense; but people should have the right to believe it or not believe it as with any idea. I am horrified by the bullying tactics of trans activists who try to stifle debate and punish dissent — it’s authoritarian and that has no place in a democratic society. Good policy and law should be a) evidence based and b) discussed fully and openly.

I have started to talk to friends, written to my MP, attended WPUK meetings and posted about these on social media. I am very open on twitter, more careful on Facebook

I am self-employed so no repercussions at work. But I feel huge stress when talking to people or posting on Facebook because of the fear of being misunderstood and being thought bigoted.But what actually happens is that people stay silent; they won’t engage.

Jan S, humanist, dog lover, adult human female

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I have an impressionable 12yr old son who I worry would be easily dragged into this madness

I care because I am a woman and the old-fashioned kind of feminist who cares about the rights of women and girls.   I care because I have an impressionable 12yr old son who I worry would be easily dragged into this madness that I view “woke” as.   Also, I don’t like being told what to do – I don’t want to be in the situation where pronouns are always requested. 

I have debated online and with friends.   I have raised issues at governing body meetings at my local school. 

I have been involved in quite hurtful social media spats.   On my Facebook page I posted an article about “Karen” White and commented that penises should not be in a women’s prison.   For this I was called homophobic, disgusting, and a disgrace by a work colleague.  


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There can be no equality; there can be no ‘MeToo’ movement, if we cannot talk about sex

I care about this issue because I know how much women have had to fight for the rights they currently hold and I can see how easily they are being eroded. Single sex spaces and the ability to define women as a sex class are both integral to being able to fight against and record male violence.

There can be no equality; there can be no ‘MeToo’ movement, if we cannot talk about sex and protect single sex spaces. As a parent, I also care about this issue because equating biological sex with gender stereotypes is regressive and endangers all our children. Children should be able to play with and wear what they want, without being told their age appropriate child development means they are ‘trans’. Further, I am appalled that an untested medical pathway is being promoted as a solution to ever younger people, despite having poor outcomes.

I have written to organisations that have elided sex and gender. I have contacted groups that have jeopardised safeguarding including the NSPCC and Girlguiding. I have completed the GRA consultations. I have contributed to crowd funders and signed petitions. I have joined feminist groups and attended events. I have leafleted. I have also discussed this issue with family, friends and colleagues. I have changed our household purchasing habits in response to companies’ capitulating to trans rights activists and sacrificing women’s rights to placate bullying campaigns.

I have had some awkward conversations with friends and received some hectoring on social media. However, generally, in real life, I find most people agree with the need to maintain the definition of woman and to protect single sex spaces.

MM, Writer, Editor, Feminist

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I am self employed, and also too old to worry about my career

As a parent of a child who was somewhat gender non- conforming as preschooler and at primary school .. . As an elderly feminist who hated many aspects of ‘becoming a woman’ myself (and still do) with lesbian friends of my own age who have said openly that growing up in the current climate they would have believed themselves aged 14 or so ‘ a boy’, no question – rather than the adult lesbians they became. It was immediately clear to me that the basics of feminism as I understood them were being undermined.

I cancelled Guardian subscription (over (non) reaction to your case Maya and JKR’s response) and retweeted the editorial response to Glinner and Mumsnet. Written to MP. Got into a couple of Facebook arguments. Retweeted and shared a number of articles. Had serious email exchange with my very serious but uninformed sister (with lots of woke friends) when she put a trans tenant in to live with existing female tenant in our deceased mother’s house. She agreed existing tenant should be informed her new co-tenant was trans. (She was fine about it apparently . . But may have felt she had no choice).

I have been called a transphobic bigot etc of course!  And I’m sure I have been blocked by some on social media. But I feel able to speak my mind partly because I am self employed, and also too old to worry about my career!

Sarah G, Writer, dancer, musician, mother, feminist

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I could not work out how it was supposed to be ok for an adult male to bash an adult female in the boxing ring

Fairness and safety are the main reasons for my involvement in the issue. Fallon Fox was my entry point to the debate and I could not work out how it was supposed to be ok for an adult male to bash an adult female in the boxing ring. Not fair nor safe for most female sports. Nor is it safe to allow men into women’s single sex spaces like prisons or hospital wards. It certainly is not fair to allow men to take political spaces reserved for women when we have such shockingly low political representation anyway.

I support all the fabulous GC women on Twitter and occasionally on Mumsnet. Support entails sharing information, writing comments, meeting radical feminists in my locality for meetings and talks, attending two WPUK meetings as well as their awesome conference. I did lobby my MP several years ago about the objectification of women in the British press and think the huge underlying problem of male violence against women is why we are pushing back so damn hard.

I am an early career researcher and have remained semi anonymous as Universities seem particularly susceptible to the GenderWoo. Totally dreadful bullying of current female academics just makes me think I will never get employed in an already difficult competitive field if my views are widely known. That said it is obvious to those that do know me who I am online and I lock my account when applying for jobs.


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I suspect that I am getting less freelance work from one particular organisation as a result of being gender critical

I was formed by 1970s and 80s feminism. Women had – and/or made – their own spaces. A couple of years ago I became aware that this now was seen as ‘exclusionary’. As a survivor of sexual abuse the idea of men being able to easily access spaces by saying they ‘identified as a woman’ is very frightening to me. It seemed vital that self-ID should not be introduced via reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

As a lifelong socialist I am appalled by the way in which the Left seems to have abandoned any kind of recognition of sex-based inequality. It frightens me that girls and young women are labelled transphobic for trying to protect their own dignity, privacy and safety. It frightens me that women from conservative religious groups risk being further marginalised if they cannot access female-only spaces.

I have been fairly vocal on social media – FB and Twitter. I’ve gone to a Woman’s Place UK meeting. I made a submission to the consultation about possible reform to the Gender Recognition Act. I also wrote to my MP about this topic. I’ve also raised this issue within the religious group I belong to – the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

I suspect that I am getting less freelance work from one particular organisation as a result of being gender critical. This annoys me hugely as I have done a lot of very good work for them. I’ve been barred from a Quaker FB Discussion group whose moderators all support gender identity theory. I’ve lost one FB friend and for a while my daughter – then a student blocked me.

Sibyl Ruth, Writer, library worker, parent and step-parent, gender critical feminist., SibylWrites

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I am passionate about speaking out to end the shame, stigma and silence surrounding sexual violence

I am passionate about speaking out to end the shame, stigma and silence surrounding sexual violence , Silence harms victims and protects perpetrators.

TEDx , changed my job from psychotherapist to speaker, written and published my story (Unbroken).