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I have also read, and read, and learned and learned

Being female is a material reality in this world and women and girls across the world are disadvantaged (at best) and murdered (at worst) because of it. We as people, and our organisations and governments must not be allowed to lose sight of this truth.

I have joined a local feminist group (gathered via Mumsnet). I have written to and have visited my MP. I have written to newspapers, attended WPUK and other meetings, donated to crowdfunders. I discuss this in depth (and completely uncompromisingly) on another small forum where facts can be stated quite openly.

I have also read, and read, and learned and learned.

I am a freelance IT worker mainly for companies too small for Stonewall to bother with, but did once have a conversation with a (junior) member of staff at a client about my list of browser bookmarks in a screenshot I had sent. It was in one sense entirely unproblematic – the person in question agrees with me and that was partly how he had recognised the bookmarks list (!) – but we agreed I had better move them to a more discreet location in a separate folder as not everyone in the company would be OK with it.

Jenny S, Adult human female

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Gender ideology is regressive sexist bullshit

Gender ideology is regressive sexist bullshit. I am afraid for my children. I am worried that messages around being gender non conforming means that a child is encouraged into a lifetime of medical interventions to ‘change your body’. I’m worried that we’re opening doors to men with nefarious intent into places where women are the most vulnerable.

I have written to my MP, written to my children’s school about their equality policy, written to the NHS donor scheme to as about why they are collecting data on gender, donated to crowd funders looking at the Oxford transgender toolkit, plus others.

I have been very careful not to use my name where possible, and stuck to provable facts when raising concerns.

K, Engineer, primary caregiver, adult human female

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This is simultaneously deeply offensive and dangerous

I care about this because it is absolutely fundamental. We’re living in a time when our institutions – NHS, Police, Judiciary, schools, charities – have all been cognitively and ideologically captured by ideologues who assert that any man is a woman if he so claims. This is simultaneously deeply offensive and dangerous. If any man can be a woman there can be no women: no same sex females, no female healthcare providers, no women’s prisons, hospital wards, domestic violence services or changing rooms.

I have joined a real life consciousness raising group, online/irl activist groups, spoken to friends, attended the WPUK conference, and Standing for Women events, written to my MP and my local council.

I have had difficult conversations with friends who have bought into the “wrong body” narrative and think we should be “kind”. This has put a strain on these relationships but I hope I can get them to understand the reality of this situation.

Ingrid, Gender abolutionist, women’s rights advocate, realist

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I wear my Woman = Adult Human Female hoodie and people have stopped their cars to say “Well Done!”

I am outraged that women are being erased in our Rights stolen, our voices silenced and our needs disregarded. I fight for my daughters, their lives matter more than mine.

I have challenged a number of County Councils over the trans tool kit that blatantly misrepresented the EA2010 Law.

Shropshire, Doncaster, Barnsley, Leicester City, Merthyr Tydfil, Denbighshire and Essex have listened. Not stopping there and more to follow.

I have written to my MP and I have attended another MP’s open meeting and spoke to a crowd of councillors and political activists. (Most frightening thing ever!) I have been part of the ManFriday group (still in touch) and done activities to raise awareness publicly. Currently active on twitter collating links and volunteers and working with Baroness Nicholson and behind the scenes with 4 other groups via Trello and facebook. I took part in the ReSister tee shirt campaign and a trip to Manchester to support teeshirt campaign.

Apart from regular bans on Twitter (BBB to the rescue) and the insults, abuse and threats on there (no longer bother me and I mute most) not really. I wear my Woman = Adult Human Female hoodie and people have stopped their cars to say “Well Done!”

Wendy Johnson, Sister in Action

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I work occasionally in an abattoir

I am an older woman who does a man’s job. I work occasionally in an abattoir and I work in agriculture. I have little interest in a lot of modern consumerist femininity. I am a woman. I don’t wear nail varnish or make up. I am a woman. I care that young people are being taught lies about human biology and that if you don’t conform to narrow ideas of being a man or woman you require drugs and surgery to make you right.

I am deeply troubled that being trans is also allied with accepting a hyper sexualised existence from a young age heavily influenced by pornography.

I have written to my MP and posted on social media.

I am dismissed for not being woke and for not caring about men’s feelings.

Ros., Middle aged woman who doesn’t take any crap