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I don’t have an ounce of hate in my heart

I’m a disabled homosexual woman. Those aspects of myself contribute to my oppression and it hurts me personally to ignore these aspects.

I have started blogs and social media accounts, reached out to local radfem groups, and I have discussed it with people in my personal life

I have lost many friends and loved ones. I have been called hateful when I don’t have an ounce of hate in my heart. I have been isolated and vilified for speaking up about my issues as a female.

Genevieve, 18 yr old disabled lesbian feminist,Canada

Lesbians Students

I’m tired of being told to sleep with men and accept “girldick”

I care because I’ve watched my mentally ill friends be neutered and abused by a system that does not care for them. I care because as a lesbian, I’m tired of being told to sleep with men and accept “girldick” and being called a bigot for refusing. I care because the sex responsible for 98% of sexual assaults and violent crimes does not belong in private spaces with women and because the imperative should not be on women to figure out if they’re even allowed to be worried for their safety for fear of being harassed or silenced.

I’ve written emails to larger companies who use terms such as “uterus haver” and “people with periods”. I’ve also raised awareness in my personal life and drawn other women’s attention to how close we are to losing our sex based protections.

I’ve lost friends.

Liz, College-aged lesbian and radical feminist, USA

Lesbians Students

I have been overwhelmed by the hatred shown when I have spoken up for my rights as a woman

I had no idea how far gender identity had evolved until I responded to a post on Twitter and was called a cis-woman. I had never heard this cis term before and it angered me that my status as a woman could just be wiped out so silently without fanfare. Now I realise that if I do not own and stand up for my rights as a adult human female my daughter will lose hers.

I have started to follow this and highlight it to as many people as possible. At times I have been overwhelmed by the hatred shown when I have spoken up for my rights as a woman. I’ve been made to feel that I am wrong for refusing to share my rights and spaces with trans women.

Lisa K, Woman, female, mother

Lesbians Students

I am seeing the existence of my sexuality be denied

I care because as a woman I am seeing all of the hard-earned rights feminists have worked tirelessly for be diminished before our eyes. I care because as a lesbian, I am seeing the existence of my sexuality be denied and the definition of it “extended” to include males by people from within the LGBT community.

I care because I have read the statistics and seen first hand the amount of young girls go through social/medical transition due to homophobia, misogyny and peer pressure.

As a student I witnessed struggling young bisexual and lesbian girls change their name and pronouns to fit in with the “queer” crowd.

I care because I’ve been called vanilla for not wanting to partake in BDSM. I’ve been called a prude for criticizing the porn and sex industries. I care because I care about the rights of lesbians and the rights of all women!

I try to speak up about the injustices I’m seeing as much as possible, online and in real life. Unfortunately I live in an area with no radical feminist groups, and a huge queer community so I only know a small close circle of radfems.

I have been shunned from the LGBT community. People I don’t even know know me and by name and it’s worrying. When I am out and about and I see someone look at me funny I wonder if it’s because they know I am  a “TERF”. Socialising in gay venues has become anxiety-inducing, but I still go because I have every right to be there as a homosexual female. I have been excluded from university groups and people are warned about me.

Rosie, 21 year old lesbian and student

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I’ve been called “they” and “them” over and over in LGBT circles, no matter how many times I tell people I’m a woman

As a lesbian, I’ve always been a gender nonconforming woman. There is a great push today to get rid of “GNC woman” (gender non-conforming) as a category at all and to replace it with “nonbinary” or “trans man.”

I’ve been called “they” and “them” over and over in LGBT circles, no matter how many times I tell people I’m a woman, and I am sick of seeing the consequences of this on young gay people (especially considering the health effects of puberty-blocking drugs and hormones).

I have a blog, but it is mostly anonymous due to concerns about my social safety. I don’t fear for my life but I think I would lose friends and even academic and career opportunities over it, if I spoke out.

I have received online harassment, and I have been told by friends that I “worry them” sometimes with my opinions. I have to self-censor frequently.



I am a detransitioned FTM and we are never heard or cared about

I care because I am a detransitioned FTM (female to male) and we are never heard or cared about. There are virtually little to no resources for us.

I have been published as a case study in the book “Gender Hurts” by Sheila Jeffreys. My autobiographical piece was included in the book “Dispatches from Lesbian America.”  I was interviewed in the piece “What is a Woman” by Michelle Goldberg for the New Yorker magazine.

I have a now largely defunct blog where I discussed the path back to embracing my biological sex.  I spoke at the Radfems Respond conference in Portland. I have spoken out on Facebook and Twitter. I have been interviewed on video by both The Evil Feminist and by a media channel named Out Here in the Redwoods.

I have been stalked by a trans woman in particular in real life, lost friend groups in both trans activist and radical feminist spaces, gotten doxxed, gotten more rape and death threats than I could count.

I’ve had my physical appearance mocked/ridiculed. Told I was a “failed man” by trans activists and a “mutilated woman” by radical feminists.

Heath Atom Birilli, Just another lesbian woman trying to survive a woman-hating and lesbophobic world, USA

Education Healthcare Lesbians Parent

I have been reported to my college for being ‘transphobic

I am a lesbian mother of daughters. I work with children.

I knew a trans-identified female when I was younger and I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned.

Denial of material reality threatens the safeguarding of women and children.

I have attended marches and demonstrations. I have contributed to government consultations and online discussions on social media. I have talked to family and friends. I have an anonymised social media presence and an associated podcast.

I have lost friends and acquaintances. I have been reported to my college for being “transphobic”. I have had my social media profile reported.

Ellie Ellis , Adult Human Female podcast,

Education Lesbians Parent

I was banned from a Facebook lesbian group

As a same-sex attracted lesbian I feel threatened by those who were born biological males and who are now claiming to be lesbians and who are trying to shame, coerce and threaten lesbians into sexual relationships.

I joined Twitter to both read articles and to post about gender issues.

I was banned from a Facebook lesbian group (Older Lesbians UK) that I had been a member of for many years for posting about the Women’s Liberation 50th anniversary as it was deemed transphobic for not centering transwomen.   

Susie, Women, mother, lesbian, teacher